Do You need a visa to go to USA?

A citizen from another country who would like to travel to the United States isrequired to have a US Visa. One should note that visa does not assure entryinto the United States. Instead, it determines the eligibility of theindividual seeking to enter the United States.

There are laws that determineone’s eligibility for the USA Visa. They determine who enters, how long theystay and list the date that they must leave. You now have an increased amountof time that you have to apply for a USA Visa, so it is advisable to start theprocess as early as possible.

During the process, you will be interviewed at a US Consulate in the foreignnational’s country of citizenship before you are given a visa. You must appear for the interview at the consulate. You will be required to produce the necessary documents, including your passport, national Id or Driver’s license, birth certificate, proof of residency in the country of origin, medical records, and proof of education and employment. If your visa is approved, you will be required to have your fingerprints taken.

Once you apply for a USA Visa, you may have to wait due to any number of delays. The State Department sets a goal to have a USA Visa delivered within thirty days, it doesn’t always happen, and delays may be inevitable. However, you should have to wait no more than sixty days for your USA Visa. Each application is different, and that may play a factor in all the delays. It is mandatory that all your information on your ESTA application be verified before the USA Visa can be issued. You will need to wait up to 90 days from the day of your interview or the day you submitted all the necessary documents.

There are two categorize of US visas. One is an Immigrant Visa, and the other is a Non-immigrant visa. Immigrant US visas are used by foreign people to travel to the United States to set up permanent residency. The non-immigrant visa is meant for only those that need to remain in the US for a short period. They are granted to people who wish to travel to the US on a temporary basis like business, tourism and medical care.

Non-immigrant US visas are issued for three months for 10 years which includes multiple-entry into the country, depending upon the approval from USCIS. The single entry is only valid for a round trip while under the multiple entry visas, you can go to your home country and return to the US as a non-immigrant any number of times.

If you want to just travel in the US you can show that you are going to travel to the sightseeing destinations, museums, and visiting relatives. If you are going with a group tour, it is easier and faster to be approved for the visa.

If you are going for treatment for a disease that is non-contagious or to consult a physician, you will be eligible for a tourist visa, if you can submit the relevant medical reports and other documents. But if you have a contagious disease, you will not be given a visa under any circumstances.

For business purposes, you can show that you are attending a conference, meeting or an exposition that has a fixed time within a specific period. One can obtain USA visas through the US lottery program also referred as Diversity Visa lottery program/Green Card lottery program. It is carried out once a year by the US Government. There are50,000 visas available every year to people who meet the requirements set by the US State Department.

Before you are approved for the tourist visa, you need to qualify as per the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act which ensures that you are not a potential immigrant. You have to demonstrate that you have a home/property in your home country that you have no intention of abandoning while the visit to the US is for a specific purpose namely, medical treatment, tourist activities and business.


Requirements for eTA visa to Myanmar

People frequently ask what ETA means, well it simply means Electronic Travel Authority. This is frequently given to visitors to process & distribute online visa to people visiting a particular country.

The ETA validity varies from–country to country i.e. that of America is different from Australia or India. Validity is often between 3 months-12 months or more and it starts to read from the date it was issued.

The Visa Myanmar is stored electronically without any requirement for stamp being placed on your passport. This is also a simple, adequate and efficient way to collect visa payments & avoid long waits at international airports, sometimes considered better than issuing visas to travelers or tourists as they arrive at custom which is a norm.

Also notable with this system is using this system helps countries-keep better data on how many people will be visiting their country at any given time and are also preferred by travelers.

And it’s even advisable because it decreases any anxiety about whether or not you will be able to obtain a visa once you arrive in the country, you’d have known your fate before you leave your source.

Let’s focus on Myanmar since it’s also one of the Countries who current issue e-visas as it’s also known as.

Requirements for ETA travels to Myanmar.

The Myanmar e-Visas are valid for 90 days from a date of issue. Myanmar e-Visas allow for a single entry and stays up to 28 days for Tourist and 70 days Business from the date of touching down at Myanmar.

  • Your passport expiration date shouldn’t be in the next six months upon date of arrival.
  • If you are on a business trip, you are required to provide a letter of invitation from Host Company in Myanmar explaining the relationship to the applicant and the purpose of travel while applying online more like a cover letter. In addition, the letter must indicate the period of stay, place of stay, and host’s contact information.
  • You can upload a photo when applying online, instead of providing physical passport photos.
  • When it’s like a group or a team, you might all want to stay in various hotels, please provide copies of each reservation, so as not to be turned down or deported upon arrival.
  • Also for payments of Visa fees must be provided with Money Order. Payment arranged through Credit Card, master or visa card. Cash is definitely not accepted.
  • Tourists must stay in registered hotels, motels, inns, guest house and resort during your stay in Myanmar.

A visit to Myanmar is epic, without further ado, visit Myanmar and you’d tell the story yourself.


Commercial yogurt warning commercial yogurt warning Many, if not most, commercially available (dairy) yogurt contains gelatin, which is almost always derived from the tissue of slaughtered animals, and so is unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. This also applies to “kosher” gelatin, which is generally just derived from animals slaughtered according to Jewish law (and of course would not come from pigs).

So if you are lacto-vegetarian and wish to eat yogurt, make sure gelatin is not in the ingredient list. Pectin, especially “fruit pectin,” is a safe plant-derived gelling agent. The safest thing is to buy plain yogurt is usually gelatin-free and add your own fruit, or better yet make your own soy yogurt.

How to make soy yogurt?

Making soy yogurt really isn’t that hard. You basically put bacteria into soymilk, and let them do the work. You need:

Sweetened Template: fn soymilk starter culture: A little yogurt that has live cultures; available in many stores just some plain cultures/bacteria by themselves.Mix the soymilk and starter culture together, and heat it until it’s warm but not hot. It should be cool enough to put your finger in it, but not much cooler; if you have a thermometer, around 40-43 degrees C (100-110 degrees F). If it’s over 48 degrees C (120 degrees F) the bacteria will die. Or just heat the soymilk, and then put the culture in. It doesn’t really matter. If you use yogurt for your starter, you want about a spoon of it for every cup of soymilk.

You want to make sure you don’t let other bacteria into the mix, so you should wash your containers and utensils and hands, or even sterilize them if you want to get fancy.

Now leave the mixture somewhere where it can stay at the same temperature for 6-10 hours. If your temperature is on the low side, it will take longer to set. The longer you leave it, the thicker and sharper-tasting it will be. If you pour off the whey (clear liq uid), it’ll be even thicker.

A few ways to keep it at the right temperature:

Put it in a good thermos (pre-warmed!)Put it in a gas oven that has a pilot light – usually this will be the right temperature put it in a container picnic cooler, and pour a few inches of warm water into the cooler just set your oven to the right temperature, if it goes that low it doesn’t, try setting it to however low it will go for a few minutes, then turn it off a leaving it for a few hours. You might have to repeat the process a second or third time.As for the starter cultures, if you go the store-bought yogurt route, there are a number of options (see the next section if you need names). Just remember you need live or active cultures, or you won’t have any live bacteria, and nothing will happen. Once you start making your own yogurt, you can use your own yogurt as a starter culture for another batch. Just use a few spoons of it the same way you would with store-bought.

Another option is to buy just the cultures. Acidophilus isn’t too hard to find, but then you only get one kind of bacteria in your yogurt, whereas most of the above have at least four or five.

Now don’t expect it to be just like commercial yogurt. It will probably be a little runnier, or a lot runnier until you get the hang of it, or not come out at all. If you find you don’t fancy trying to make it this way, you might want to try some recipes for things that taste like yogurt even though they aren’t technically yogurt. (Scroll down the page.)

The hardest thing about making soy yogurt is that it legally can’t exist in the United States. In the UK, and probably other places as well (add them if you know), the goverment lets you call soy yogurt by the name yogurt (or yoghurt if that’s how you spell it). In the U.S., only dairy products can go by the name yogurt, so soy yogurt official is called “cultured soy”.

More on yogurt cultures

Of the following three brands with easily findable ingredients (White Wave, WholeSoy & Co., Stonyfield Farms), all three use the following four cultures:
Lactobacillus Bulgari-cus lactobacillus acidophilus. thermophilusBifidusBoth White Wave’s and Stonyfield Farms’ also contain Lactobacillus casei, and each has a sixth culture the others don’t have: White Wave’s contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a strain closely related to L. casei that is able to treat some forms of diarrhea template:fn. Stonyfield Farm’s contains Lactobacillus reuteri; according to the website of the company that seems to own or at least produce the bacteria, L. reuteri was isolated from the breast milk of a Peruvian woman living in the Andes – “someone living in perfect harmony with nature”. Stonyfield Farms says it boosts the immune system and inhibits the growth of a number of harmful bacteria.

Hidden waterfalls in India

India is a hotspot of nature’s beauty thanks to its vast landmass, lush green wonders, and breathtaking landscapes of this sub-continent that are simply exotic, immense, and largely unexplored. Here we explore some the hidden waterfalls of India that are full of nature’s tranquility.

The Jog falls

With a height of 259 meters and 290 meters in girth, this waterfall is a spectacular site Karnataka. This wonder fall is the biggest of its kind in Asia. Surrounded by a lush green forest, this wonder fall provides the most mysterious place in India. It is perfect for swimming, has trekking spots, and you can climb the Watkins to get the exhilarating view of the landscape.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

As the waters of this fall gush down the 310 meters, they transform from blue to white and thus the acronym dudhsagar- a sea of milk. Located at the border of Karnataka and Goa, trekking to this waterfall is an exciting activity that rewards you with a serene view of the white fall.

Nohkalikai Falls

This waterfall in Meghalaya is the most real spectacle of nature. The waters rush down 1100 meters making the wonder fall the highest plunge in India. The falls provides the most dramatic dive from tropical rainforest drainage into a rock base for forming a blue pool of water. While visiting this region, which you can all year round, expect heavy rains without any warning.

Kunchikal Falls

The Kunchikal Falls are the hidden treasures of Ghati. With a grand height of 455 meters, the water of this plunge fall flow in steps thus creating many smaller falls. When joined, these small falls can exceed a kilometer making Kunchikal falls the longest many-fall-series in the world. Visit the fall during the monsoon to see the water at its highest.

Barehipani Falls

Situate much deeper in the lush green forests of Simlipal National Park, Barehipani Falls offer a hotspot for local wildlife and birds for you to enjoy taking pictures. The water separates onto two tires before cascading majestically down a height if 399 meters to settle down in pool below.

Nuranang Falls

Here lies the untouched and unexplored wonder of nature. Located in Tawang District, Nuranang Falls are surrounded by the stunning and mystic views of the region. The plunge fall elevates for about 6000 feet.

The Nuranang River that forms the waterfall rises from the northern Sela Pass slopes before joining River Tawang to give an aesthetic beauty that remains largely untouched. In fact, you need a government permit to trek this region.

These hidden waterfalls of India are a gift of nature worth your appreciating. The cascading waters are a magnificent creation of nature. The melodies of the wildernesses surrounding the falls, the chirping birds, the whistling breeze, and the gushing water provide a soothing and refreshing feel. Tour India.

Do you need visa to visit Cambodia?

Cambodia has been known as the “Pearl of Asia” it has a rich history and a French flair.  Undoubtedly, it is a great place to spend your vacation in a tropical paradise rich in history and culture.

Do you need a visa to go to Cambodia? This a typical question that must probably cross your mind when you plan to travel to a foreign country.
And the answer is yes, you do need a valid passport from your own country and you must have an e-visa ( ) to visit Cambodia. It is easy to get an e-visa to travel to Cambodia through your travel agent or event through the internet.

You must identify the dates you will be visiting and arrive anytime within the dates identified.

All you need is the data page from your passport and your picture that meets the specifications required by the Cambodians.

It’s a simple process and it opens the door to a great adventure.
Cambodia was the home to ancient civilizations who left ancient temples for all to explore. All this is set in beautiful lush jungles with bright colors and exotic birds.

Places to visit:

  • The French left an indelible mark on Cambodia starting in 1863 when the country became a protectorate of France.
  • You can visit the Angkor Wat which is the most magnificent and largest temple and tourist attraction in Cambodia. It was built in the twelfth century by Kink Suryavarman. It’s an extraordinary example of the ancient architecture of Cambodia.
  • You can stay and visit Kratie, a small town on the banks of the Mekong River. It has a marketplace that is surrounded by French Colonial buildings. It’s a wonderful tropical experience.

Travel tips

The currency in Cambodia is the Riels, which is about 4000 Riels to the US Dollar. Tipping at a hotel is about 1000 Reais per bag plus a similar tip for hours keeping per day.

It is customary to leave ten percent tip for a small check and a five percent tip on a big check. All very reasonable.

When visiting temples, it is customary to leave a donation in the contribution boxes to help them maintain the temple.

Cambodian Cuisine

Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand are close geographically and they all share similar cuisine. Cambodia’s long association with France cannot be ignored, there is a French impact on Cambodian cuisine.

Rice is always present, each meal includes rice with three or four other dishes and it will usually include a soup.

Prahok which is a fragrant fish paste and Krona, which is a spice paste made from lemon grass and galangal, and is present in many dishes. Cambodian cuisine is worth the trip by itself.

Take the plunge, visit Cambodia and enjoy the tropics.

How long can you stay on a tourist Visa in Canada?


Culture is transmitted through different mediums. But the easiest and authorized method to transmit a culture and traditions of a country is tourism.
Yes! Tourism is something that brings different nations close. It is also a way to make your country’s economy better.

But the question is what does tourism stand for? Basically when a person or group of people went to any region of the world to visit the historical places and to know their culture and tradition is called tourism.

In old times traveling takes weeks, months and years to reach a country.
Now this world became a global village. Anyone can go anywhere. But there are some restrictions and conditions to go foreign countries. For example, one can’t get enter in Australia through sea waters illegally. If your visa expires then you’ll be deported right away in the US and many other countries.

Tourist Visa

When you are a tourist you travel on a tourist visa. Tourist visa: that shows that you are going to a country to see the beauty of that country, not to do any business or any other thing.

Every country has their limitations to allow a tourist to live and visit. There’s some expiry time of Tourist visa of every country.

What about Canada?

How long can you stay on a ESTA Canada? Yes! If we especially talk about Canada then what is the time period there?

Most of the time the day you enter in Canada on a tourist visa till six months you are allowed to stay on a tourist visa. If you want to stay longer than you have to inform at least 30 days before your tourist visa end so the legal technicalities can be handled in mean time.

A border services officer decided that how long can you stay on a tourist visa in Canada? If you are involved in any kind of mysterious activities you can be deported immediately.

Official rules can change any time so if there is a change in their rules they will mention the date by which you must leave the Canada.

If a person crosses the border then they have to make sure that they won’t do anything that makes a question mark on their tourist visa.

Every country supports the concept of tourism because it gives them business and their people get jobs if tourism increases but if they found it as a threat to their country the posses the right of deporting the people or cancellation of the tourist visa as well.

How to apply for an Australian Visa?

Thinking of traveling to Australia as a skilled professional, for vacation, or tourism? Then you would need an Australian Visa. The question then is “how do I apply for Australian Visa?

The Australia Visa Bureau handles all visa related matters for potential skilled professionals, holiday makers and all types of Australian visa.

Types of Australia Visa

Whatever your reasons for wanting to visit Australia, there is a visa type that is just right for you.

There are several types of Australia visa you could apply for:

  • Visitor visa
  • Family visit visa
  • Medical treatment visa
  • Working holiday visa
  • Skilled worker visa
  • Student visa

You could take the Online Assessments to determine your eligibility for Australian visa application. The Online Assessment test is for open to all seeking temporary or permanent migration to Australia whether as a tourist, a working holiday maker.

Applying for ETA Tourist Visa

You can apply for this visa class online and it would be granted within minutes. An ETA is a multi-entry visa that permits the holder to stay up to three months in Australia. It is valid for up to one year. Holders of the ETA visa are not permitted to work while in Australia.

Working Holiday Visa Application

People from other countries aged between 18 and 30 who hold a working holiday agreement with Australia are eligible to apply for this type of visa. Holders of this visa are eligible to travel work and travel within Australia for up to one year. Recently, holders of this visa can have their stay extended for up to two years.

Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled workers and professionals who are interested in living and working in Australia maybe eligible for the General Skilled Migration Program. This is usually based on the applicant’s qualifications, work experience, and suitability to help fill the labor shortages in Australia.

In 2009, the government gave the priority order for consideration fore immigrants coming to Australia under the Skilled Migration Program. The priority order places applicants with employer sponsorship first and those with State or Territory nomination as second in order of priority. However, all applicants who have the requisite skills as listed on the Critical Skills List (CSL) will all be processed, regardless of which visa class was applied for.

Family Visa

These visas are issued so that Australian citizens or permanent residents can be reunited with their spouses or dependent family members who are based in Australia. This visa type, while they are not points tested, they however, require sponsorship by an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

Australian Partner Visa allows married spouses, de facto partners, common law spouses and fiancé’s of Australian citizens or permanent residents or eligible citizens of New Zealand to live and work in Australia. Same sex partners can apply for Interdependency Visa.

I hope this article fully satisfies your question “How do I apply for Australian visa”? You can get full information on the Australian Immigration website

5 Iconic animals of Myanmar

Myanmar, is a country with some of the most diverse species in the world. While some of them are endangered, most of them are quite unique and interesting to see. Discussed below are 5 Iconic Animals of Myanmar.

1. The Dugong

The Dugong is a name derived from duyung in Malay, meaning lady of the sea. This animal is a close relative of the elephants. It spends most of its time grazing on sea beds on the seaweeds that grow in shallow waters. It can also be found near mangrove channels and on the leeward side of the islands. These animals can grow as big as 500kg and 3-4 meters in length.

2. The Lesser Mouse-deer

The mouse deer is the smallest hoofed animal in the world. It is considered rare since it hides a lot and it is hardly seen. The animal, though a mammal, resembles a deer that is the size of a rabbit. It has a height of 12 inches and its 18 inches long – quite a small animal.

It is mostly found in moist tropical and lowland forests in Asia. This region includes Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Cambodia. It commonly feeds on fallen fruits, fungi, tender shoots, and young leaves.

3. The Dusky Langur

It would be interesting to know that this monkey is listed among the cutest animals in the world. It has an interesting look due to the colored circles around their eyes that look like spectacles.

The Dusky Langur spends most of its time grooming, moving around in trees, and searching for food. This animal is a primate that mostly dwells on trees. The Langur can also be found in parks, botanical gardens, urban forests, and in riverine.

4. The Oriental Small-clawed Otter

This is the smallest Otta species in the world. Its paws are distinct in that they extend past the fleshy parts. The toes and the fingers are also partly webbed to enable it to feed on mollusks, crabs, and small aquatic animals.

This animal is most commonly found in the coastal region of Southern Asia. It mainly dwells in swamps, meandering rivers, tidal pools, and mangroves.

5. The Sunda Pangolin

The Pangolin is best known for its ant-eating prowess. So is the Sunda Pangolin; it feeds entirely on ants and termites. It is able to find its meal by the use of its strong sense of smell that can detect ants and termites.

The animal can dig deep holes in the forest ground where it hides, making it quite rare. It uses its powerful claws to dig these holes and even dig out ant and termite nests.

Just what is an eTA visa for India?


Millions of people around the world travel by air to various destinations. The Airline company is one of the biggest and most frequently used companies the world with at least one airport in every country.

The Electronic Travel Authority or ETA is a multinational body the has its head quarters in every country and is responsible for the issuing of valid visas and setting up the rules, regulations and requirements around a country’s specific visa.

The Beauty of India

India the second most populous country in the world and the seventh largest country. With such a huge span of the area, there are a wide variety of interesting places to visit.

India holds such a rich religious and historical heritage that it would take your breath away on your first visit to its major cities like New Dehli and Mumbai. Mainly it is the rich culture and unique perspective of the locals that would get you rethinking about taking return flight.

So Just what is an ETA Visa for India

To be precise the Indian Visa Application is basically an Online Electronic program that specific branches within the government of India create in order to allow foreign nationals, from different eligible countries around the world, to enter India.

Usually, the purposes of entry might be for Business or pleasure. The later of the two is something that happens more often because of the incredible beauty of India. Most of the foreign nationals that go or intend to go to India are more interest in the different relaxing retreats that are offered in India.

From the amazing Yoga practices to the Mind-Treatment Healing Practices, India is full of wonderful and amazing opportunities to turn your summer vacation into one to remember.

ETA Visa Issuing

There are actually three types of ETA Visas issued for India:

  • Tourist e-Visa: Entry for Tourism and pleasure
  • Business e-Visa: Entry for business related activities
  • Medical e-Visa: Entry for short-term medical treatmentsThe ETA Visa for India is a visa the requires an online submission of a visa request or petition to enter India. This document must be submitted before entry into the country.Usually, once this application is completed and submitted, an electronic visa is then issued by the consulate in the Indian embassy where the applicant resides.

    The process of visa issuing has been made simple and efficient with the birth of the internet. Operations concerning travel and documents concerned with this are now easily assessable with just a click of a button.

    The experience of the process is something that anyone can do as long as they have a basic level of reading and comprehension.

The most overlooked sight in Cambodia

Pack your bags – we’re leaving. This time we are going to Cambodia. We’ll forget about our 9-6 job and we’ll go and visit one of the most Overlooked Sight in Cambodia – Angkor Wat. Seen by many people as one of the most beautiful places that you could visit in your lifetime, Angkor Wat is part of the Unesco world heritage and it has a lot to offer – from spectacular landscapes and incredible architecture to unforgettable vibe and undeniable spirituality.

What makes Angkor Wat the most overlooked Sight in Cambodia is the fact that it is a must see when it comes to touristic sights and if you were to choose only one thing to see, Angkor Wat would be your first choice.

If you are wondering why I chose Angkor Wat for our Cambodian trip, here is why Legendary Yes, this temple is legendary not only because it is part of Unesco World heritage but also because it is the largest religious monument in the whole world – from Mecca to Jerusalem, from Europe to Latin America you will never find such a big temple rendered to divinity.

Etymologically, Angkor Wat means the `City Temple` – translated from Khmer which is the official language in Cambodia. It was built as a Hindu center but now is considered a Buddhist center – now we can enjoy and discover the specific architecture with its interesting paintings and carved reliefs.


We will use dollars so we won’t have to lose time at money exchange offices. The food around the temple is quite cheap – one meal can cost us up to $3 and we can also try their natural juices ($1,5).


The temple was built in more than 30 years and there were involved in the architectural project around 300.000 people from architects to workers and sculptors. The temple was built only out of stone.

Its construction makes us remember the form of a mandala – its central axis is very important and everything is built around this central axis; on top of that, we must recall that mandala is, in general, the symbol of the harmony with the universe.


The temple is located between mountains and the sun colors the water in such a way that we feel like you are in a dream far away from reality. The colors that you see, the vibe that you feel, the people that you meet and the stories that you hear will convince you that Angkor Wat is for a good reason, the most overlooked sight in Cambodia.

Kosher slaughter

This article cloud have been named Halal and kosher slaughter of animals, Religious slaughter of animals, Ritual slaughter of animals, Exsanguination, etc., however, as the kosher meat products are acquiring rapidly increasing share of the U.S. meat market, we decided on the above title. On the personal side, I was first intrigued by the ritual slaughter of animals while one of my students from Saudi Arabia invited me to a family dinner. The main dish was served with a pair of eyes, situated in its middle. The host talked about how he personally selected the lamb, prayed, and, after quieting the lamb by gently striking her neck, cut her throat. Then he casually leaned toward the dish, retrieved one of the lamb’s eyes, and inserted it into his mouth.

Halal and kosher products

The halal and kosher markets covers almost 100,000 products in the United States worth about $100 billion. The halal and kosher products are certified by various Muslim authorities and rabbinical commissions on a year-to-year basis for a fee that is contractually kept secret. The enlarged logo of the halal-certified food products is shown in the above picture. Most (but not all) kosher products are marked with small circled U or K. The discussion that follows pertains only to the meat obtained by the religious slaughter of animals.

Ritual slaughter of animals

After the mechanical stunning equipment was first developed in the 1920s rendering the animal unconscious, it was shortly afterwards adapted as the national standard by secular, but not by the Islamic (halal) and Jewish (kosher) slaughterhouses. In these religious abattoirs, butchers follow rituals prescribed by their respective religions which differ in details, however, both the Islamic and the Judaistic rituals require that the neck of the slaughtered animal must be cut while the animal is fully conscious.

The cage

During the ritual slaughter, after the neck’s arteries and trachea are cut, the still conscious animal is bled to death. In the major religious slaughterhouses in the United States, cattle is prodded into a rotating cage, their necks are slit open, and their bodies are thrown on the abattoir’s floor on the other side of the rotating drum. There some calves and cows regain their feet. With blood streaming out of their severed arteries and and with tracheae and esophagi hanging out, they roam the blood soaked premises of the slaughterhouse before they succumb to their wounds.

The hoist

The rotating cage was hailed as the major humane improvement of the animal slaughter, as before the cattle was hang by the hind leg and forced to raise the head to expose its neck: ‘In a kosher plant I visited, the hoist was operated until the steer was hanging suspended by the leg with its face partly on the floor. The slaughterhouse worker turned the hose on the animal’s face and neck and then I witnessed something that I could scarcely believe. The packing-house employee plunged both his hands into the steer’s eyes until the eyes were displaced by being pushed back into the head. He then grasped the sides of the eye sockets and held the animal that way while the man who performs the kosher slaughter stepped forward to cut the steer’s throat. The hoist was then operated again until the animal’s head was several feet from the floor and the animal was moved along the motor driven line, hanging head downward, its full body weight suspended by the shackled hind leg, every part of the body quivering. While the struggling was going on, the shackle was released and the steer was dumped on the floor, still moving convulsively.

The rod

‘When a cattle driver has difficulties with a steer, a long heavy stick is forced into its rectum. This immobilizes the animal; its entire spine is arched and its body quivers with pain (Freedman, 1970).

But can they suffer?

The controversy about animal suffering has a long history. In his Summa Theologiae (1267-1273) Saint Thomas Aquinas maintains that the killing of animals is in congruence with Biblical precepts and concludes that ‘God does not ask humans what they do with their oxen and other animals.’ Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), an intellectual heir of David Hume, incisive and compassionate, in his famous polemics against Saint Thomas Aquinas concludes that the question is not whether animals can think, but can they suffer?


Some countries as e.g., Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland, banned the ritual slaughter of animals. In the Great Britain, the British Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) reporting to the government, certified that the way Halal and Kosher meat is produced causes severe suffering to animals. Owners of both the Halal and Kosher slaughterhouses, rabbis, Muslim clerics and their congregations, decried the FAWC recommendation that this particular torture of animals should be outlawed. In the United States, the the animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released a DVD, capturing the religious slaughter of cattle at the AgriProcessors plant in Iowa that can be viewed at These humanitarian efforts were resolutely opposed by the Muslim and Jewish religious organizations. The Muslims claimed that people who oppose these ritual slaughters are influenced by the contemporary anti-Islamic social climate while the religious Jewish communities argued that their opponents are anti-Semitic, self-hating Jews, or Hitler-sympathizers.


Describing the kosher slaughter, Rabbi Doniel Shur of the Heights Jewish Center Synagogue asserts that the kosher way of slaughtering ‘is so fast, it totally takes in the jugular vein and the nerves,’ so the animal is totally unaware of what is happening. He attributes the PETA charges to anti-Semitism. “100% anti-Semitism” he says. Rabbi Gersion Appel at the Jewish Learning site adds that ‘Administering electric shock to an animal prior to shehitah [kosher slaughtering] is prohibited, because it incapacitates the animal and renders it a trefah [animal unfit to eat]. It is forbidden to eat the meat of such an animal. The prohibition extends, as well, to administering an anesthetic, in the form of a drug and the like, since it may endanger the health and life of the animal and render it trefah prior to shehitah.’ On the other side of this controversy, Rabbi Eugen Kullman, Vice President, Friends of Animals Society proclaims that ‘We are united against the slaughter of conscious animals, consider it a horror in itself, and an abomination when coupled with the vicious devices used to restrain conscious livestock. We have nothing to gain, neither on earth nor in heaven, by slaughtering G-d’s creatures while they are conscious.

Bias of the funded studies or studies related to ideology or religion

The “scientific” studies of topics related to ideology, religion, or the funded studies, are frequently biased. The fact that a study is published in a scientific journal does not per se guarantee the veracity of the reported results. Thus, e.g., Sir Ronald Fisher, who was a recipient of numerous research grants from the tobacco companies, published studies that smoking tobacco is not detrimental to health. The pro-shehitah faction frequently quotes published studies claiming that cut into the throat is next to painless and extinguishes the life quickly. Rabbi Tzvi Weinreb asserts that ‘kosher slaughtering has been proven over centuries and in scientific studies to be a humane process.’ Perusing studies on the shehitah slaughter, there were several issues that strain one’s credulity.

The agony of dying

Suicide by cutting carotid arteries is extremely rare and we can peruse studies on the agony of human suicide, as these studies are not likely affected by either monetary grants or by religious beliefs pertaining to halal or kosher slaughter of animals. There are several studies on this issue, among them the study by Rhyne, et al. (1995) Dimensions of suicide: perceptions of lethality, time, and agony, published in the Suicide

How to apply for visa ETA to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is increasing becoming a preferred destination for many travelers and the reasons are not farfetched. From the incredible wildlife, its pristine beaches to its small but rich diverse population, this is one place you just should visit. But to visit this beautiful country, you’ll need a visa.

Types Of Sri Lankan ETA Visa

First, you need to know the types of ETA visas available so you could choose the one that is just right for you.

Presently, there are four types of Sri Lankan ETA visas available:

ETA Tourist Visa

This is a double entry ETA visa and it allows you to visit and live in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days. This visa is issued to intending applicants who wish to visit Sri Lanka as a tourist, for medical or cultural purposes or simply to visit friends and family living in Sri Lanka.

ETA Business Visa

This is a multiple entry visas that allows you visit and stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days for business purposes. You could receive your business visa ETA confirmation email within 24 hours of applying.

ETA Transit Visa

This is an entry permit visa that is granted to a foreigner that allows them to stay in Sri Lanka for a short period as they journey to another destination. It is usually a single entry visa that is valid for about 7 days. There is also a single entry ETA transit visa that is valid for just 2 days.

The Sri Lankan government, from 1st January 2012, has made the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) a compulsory requirement for all immigrants wishing to come into the country.

The Sri Lankan ETA visa is an e-visa; you do not have to submit your original passport or any other documents while processing the ETA. Simply complete the online request form and the ETA would be sent to you electronically within 48 hours. The question, therefore, is how do you apply for ETA visa to Sri Lanka?

How To Apply For Visa ETA To Sri Lanka?

To apply for the Sri Lanka ETA ( ), you must be living outside Sri Lanka and should possess a passport with at least 6 months validity. Applicants must apply for the Sri Lanka ETA with the exact passport and passport number they intend to travel to Sri Lanka with as the visa is linked to your passport. Been an electronic visa, there shall be no stamp or label on the passport you are using to apply.

The following steps are what you need to apply for a Sri Lankan ETA Visa:

  • Choose the via type that best suits your visit
  • Complete the online application form and make all necessary payments online.
  • Get your ETA visa.

As soon as you get your ETA visa, you’re eligible to visit Sri Lanka. How to apply for visa ETA to Sri Lanka is quite simple, easy and stress-free.

Visiting Sri Lanka on a Budget

Holidaying in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country surrounded by water on all sides and is home to world famous beaches. From tea plantation to renowned national parks made into safaris, Sri Lanka has it all. It is an ancient country whose history dates back 2500 years ago mentioning the pre-historic times.

It is also mentioned in various Hindu scriptures and texts including Ramayana and was said to be the kingdom of demon king Ravana. It is situated in the southeast of the sub-continent and is often referred as “India Late”.

Being located in an exotic location, poised above the equator, Sri Lanka enjoys being a famous tourist destination. Its beautiful life sanctuaries, amazing flora and fauna, world famous tea plantations and tempting beaches offer a perfect travel destination for people around the globe.

Many travel agencies offer various economic packages for tourists which include sightseeing and accommodation. Visiting Sri Lanka on a budget is easy as it is one of the most sought after travel destination. Be it a family trip, honeymoon trip or rejuvenation trip this country has plenty to offer!

How to travel to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is located in the southeast of the Asian sub-continent. One can board a direct flight to Bandaranaike International Airport, which is 35kms away from Colombo the country’s capital. It is divided into certain provinces such as: Central Province, Northern Province, North Central Province, Eastern Province, and Western Province etc. its major cities are Colombo (capital), Kande, Galle, Sigiriya, Trincomalee, Hikkaduwa, Eliya etc.

A pocket-friendly trip

If you are visiting Sri Lanka on a budget and don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket then you have to bear many things in mind. It is a cheap destination similar to most of the South Asian countries like India, Nepal and other neighboring countries.

Accommodation and food are a little expensive as compared to other countries. When Visiting Sri Lanka on a budget one can choose cheaper accommodation which is generally available in the other parts of the city. Travelling is cheaper and easier in the country. People can commute by trains, buses, hired cars, bikes, taxis etc.

What to look for in Sri Lanka?

The famous tourist spots are its beaches which include Kalutara, Bentota, Waikkal, Negombo, Ahungalla and Hikkaduwa. Sri Lanka is a diverse and a multi-cultural country. It is home to many famous temples such as Golden cave temple and many heritage sites. It also provides a peek into his well-preserved history in the form of museums and architectural buildings and monuments.

Food and Culture

Not to forget about food, as this country has one of the best South Asian cuisines in the world. It is well known for its curries and spices. The main ingredients in their food comprise of rice and coconut oil. Dishes like Puttu, hoppers give a treat to both eyes and mouth.

The best time to travel to Sri Lanka is from May to September. The people are friendly helpful and sweet. English is understood and spoken widely in Sri Lanka apart from their native language.