5 Iconic animals of Myanmar

5 Iconic animals of Myanmar

Myanmar, is a country with some of the most diverse species in the world. While some of them are endangered, most of them are quite unique and interesting to see. Discussed below are 5 Iconic Animals of Myanmar.

1. The Dugong

The Dugong is a name derived from duyung in Malay, meaning lady of the sea. This animal is a close relative of the elephants. It spends most of its time grazing on sea beds on the seaweeds that grow in shallow waters. It can also be found near mangrove channels and on the leeward side of the islands. These animals can grow as big as 500kg and 3-4 meters in length.

2. The Lesser Mouse-deer

The mouse deer is the smallest hoofed animal in the world. It is considered rare since it hides a lot and it is hardly seen. The animal, though a mammal, resembles a deer that is the size of a rabbit. It has a height of 12 inches and its 18 inches long – quite a small animal.

It is mostly found in moist tropical and lowland forests in Asia. This region includes Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Cambodia. It commonly feeds on fallen fruits, fungi, tender shoots, and young leaves.

3. The Dusky Langur

It would be interesting to know that this monkey is listed among the cutest animals in the world. It has an interesting look due to the colored circles around their eyes that look like spectacles.

The Dusky Langur spends most of its time grooming, moving around in trees, and searching for food. This animal is a primate that mostly dwells on trees. The Langur can also be found in parks, botanical gardens, urban forests, and in riverine.

4. The Oriental Small-clawed Otter

This is the smallest Otta species in the world. Its paws are distinct in that they extend past the fleshy parts. The toes and the fingers are also partly webbed to enable it to feed on mollusks, crabs, and small aquatic animals.

This animal is most commonly found in the coastal region of Southern Asia. It mainly dwells in swamps, meandering rivers, tidal pools, and mangroves.

5. The Sunda Pangolin

The Pangolin is best known for its ant-eating prowess. So is the Sunda Pangolin; it feeds entirely on ants and termites. It is able to find its meal by the use of its strong sense of smell that can detect ants and termites.

The animal can dig deep holes in the forest ground where it hides, making it quite rare. It uses its powerful claws to dig these holes and even dig out ant and termite nests.

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