Hidden waterfalls in India

Hidden waterfalls in India

India is a hotspot of nature’s beauty thanks to its vast landmass, lush green wonders, and breathtaking landscapes of this sub-continent that are simply exotic, immense, and largely unexplored. Here we explore some the hidden waterfalls of India that are full of nature’s tranquility.

The Jog falls

With a height of 259 meters and 290 meters in girth, this waterfall is a spectacular site Karnataka. This wonder fall is the biggest of its kind in Asia. Surrounded by a lush green forest, this wonder fall provides the most mysterious place in India. It is perfect for swimming, has trekking spots, and you can climb the Watkins to get the exhilarating view of the landscape.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

As the waters of this fall gush down the 310 meters, they transform from blue to white and thus the acronym dudhsagar- a sea of milk. Located at the border of Karnataka and Goa, trekking to this waterfall is an exciting activity that rewards you with a serene view of the white fall.

Nohkalikai Falls

This waterfall in Meghalaya is the most real spectacle of nature. The waters rush down 1100 meters making the wonder fall the highest plunge in India. The falls provides the most dramatic dive from tropical rainforest drainage into a rock base for forming a blue pool of water. While visiting this region, which you can all year round, expect heavy rains without any warning.

Kunchikal Falls

The Kunchikal Falls are the hidden treasures of Ghati. With a grand height of 455 meters, the water of this plunge fall flow in steps thus creating many smaller falls. When joined, these small falls can exceed a kilometer making Kunchikal falls the longest many-fall-series in the world. Visit the fall during the monsoon to see the water at its highest.

Barehipani Falls

Situate much deeper in the lush green forests of Simlipal National Park, Barehipani Falls offer a hotspot for local wildlife and birds for you to enjoy taking pictures. The water separates onto two tires before cascading majestically down a height if 399 meters to settle down in pool below.

Nuranang Falls

Here lies the untouched and unexplored wonder of nature. Located in Tawang District, Nuranang Falls are surrounded by the stunning and mystic views of the region. The plunge fall elevates for about 6000 feet.

The Nuranang River that forms the waterfall rises from the northern Sela Pass slopes before joining River Tawang to give an aesthetic beauty that remains largely untouched. In fact, you need a government permit to trek this region.

These hidden waterfalls of India are a gift of nature worth your appreciating. The cascading waters are a magnificent creation of nature. The melodies of the wildernesses surrounding the falls, the chirping birds, the whistling breeze, and the gushing water provide a soothing and refreshing feel. Tour India.

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