How long can you stay on a tourist Visa in Canada

How long can you stay on a tourist Visa in Canada?


Culture is transmitted through different mediums. But the easiest and authorized method to transmit a culture and traditions of a country is tourism.
Yes! Tourism is something that brings different nations close. It is also a way to make your country’s economy better.

But the question is what does tourism stand for? Basically when a person or group of people went to any region of the world to visit the historical places and to know their culture and tradition is called tourism.

In old times traveling takes weeks, months and years to reach a country.
Now this world became a global village. Anyone can go anywhere. But there are some restrictions and conditions to go foreign countries. For example, one can’t get enter in Australia through sea waters illegally. If your visa expires then you’ll be deported right away in the US and many other countries.

Tourist Visa

When you are a tourist you travel on a tourist visa. Tourist visa: that shows that you are going to a country to see the beauty of that country, not to do any business or any other thing.

Every country has their limitations to allow a tourist to live and visit. There’s some expiry time of Tourist visa of every country.

What about Canada?

How long can you stay on a ESTA Canada? Yes! If we especially talk about Canada then what is the time period there?

Most of the time the day you enter in Canada on a tourist visa till six months you are allowed to stay on a tourist visa. If you want to stay longer than you have to inform at least 30 days before your tourist visa end so the legal technicalities can be handled in mean time.

A border services officer decided that how long can you stay on a tourist visa in Canada? If you are involved in any kind of mysterious activities you can be deported immediately.

Official rules can change any time so if there is a change in their rules they will mention the date by which you must leave the Canada.

If a person crosses the border then they have to make sure that they won’t do anything that makes a question mark on their tourist visa.

Every country supports the concept of tourism because it gives them business and their people get jobs if tourism increases but if they found it as a threat to their country the posses the right of deporting the people or cancellation of the tourist visa as well.

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