How to apply for an Australian Visa

How to apply for an Australian Visa?

Thinking of traveling to Australia as a skilled professional, for vacation, or tourism? Then you would need an Australian Visa. The question then is “how do I apply for Australian Visa?

The Australia Visa Bureau handles all visa related matters for potential skilled professionals, holiday makers and all types of Australian visa.

Types of Australia Visa

Whatever your reasons for wanting to visit Australia, there is a visa type that is just right for you.

There are several types of Australia visa you could apply for:

  • Visitor visa
  • Family visit visa
  • Medical treatment visa
  • Working holiday visa
  • Skilled worker visa
  • Student visa

You could take the Online Assessments to determine your eligibility for Australian visa application. The Online Assessment test is for open to all seeking temporary or permanent migration to Australia whether as a tourist, a working holiday maker.

Applying for ETA Tourist Visa

You can apply for this visa class online and it would be granted within minutes. An ETA is a multi-entry visa that permits the holder to stay up to three months in Australia. It is valid for up to one year. Holders of the ETA visa are not permitted to work while in Australia.

Working Holiday Visa Application

People from other countries aged between 18 and 30 who hold a working holiday agreement with Australia are eligible to apply for this type of visa. Holders of this visa are eligible to travel work and travel within Australia for up to one year. Recently, holders of this visa can have their stay extended for up to two years.

Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled workers and professionals who are interested in living and working in Australia maybe eligible for the General Skilled Migration Program. This is usually based on the applicant’s qualifications, work experience, and suitability to help fill the labor shortages in Australia.

In 2009, the government gave the priority order for consideration fore immigrants coming to Australia under the Skilled Migration Program. The priority order places applicants with employer sponsorship first and those with State or Territory nomination as second in order of priority. However, all applicants who have the requisite skills as listed on the Critical Skills List (CSL) will all be processed, regardless of which visa class was applied for.

Family Visa

These visas are issued so that Australian citizens or permanent residents can be reunited with their spouses or dependent family members who are based in Australia. This visa type, while they are not points tested, they however, require sponsorship by an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

Australian Partner Visa allows married spouses, de facto partners, common law spouses and fiancé’s of Australian citizens or permanent residents or eligible citizens of New Zealand to live and work in Australia. Same sex partners can apply for Interdependency Visa.

I hope this article fully satisfies your question “How do I apply for Australian visa”? You can get full information on the Australian Immigration website

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