Just what is an eTA visa for India

Just what is an eTA visa for India?


Millions of people around the world travel by air to various destinations. The Airline company is one of the biggest and most frequently used companies the world with at least one airport in every country.

The Electronic Travel Authority or ETA is a multinational body the has its head quarters in every country and is responsible for the issuing of valid visas and setting up the rules, regulations and requirements around a country’s specific visa.

The Beauty of India

India the second most populous country in the world and the seventh largest country. With such a huge span of the area, there are a wide variety of interesting places to visit.

India holds such a rich religious and historical heritage that it would take your breath away on your first visit to its major cities like New Dehli and Mumbai. Mainly it is the rich culture and unique perspective of the locals that would get you rethinking about taking return flight.

So Just what is an ETA Visa for India

To be precise the Indian Visa Application is basically an Online Electronic program that specific branches within the government of India create in order to allow foreign nationals, from different eligible countries around the world, to enter India.

Usually, the purposes of entry might be for Business or pleasure. The later of the two is something that happens more often because of the incredible beauty of India. Most of the foreign nationals that go or intend to go to India are more interest in the different relaxing retreats that are offered in India.

From the amazing Yoga practices to the Mind-Treatment Healing Practices, India is full of wonderful and amazing opportunities to turn your summer vacation into one to remember.

ETA Visa Issuing

There are actually three types of ETA Visas issued for India:

  • Tourist e-Visa: Entry for Tourism and pleasure
  • Business e-Visa: Entry for business related activities
  • Medical e-Visa: Entry for short-term medical treatmentsThe ETA Visa for India is a visa the requires an online submission of a visa request or petition to enter India. This document must be submitted before entry into the country.Usually, once this application is completed and submitted, an electronic visa is then issued by the consulate in the Indian embassy where the applicant resides.

    The process of visa issuing has been made simple and efficient with the birth of the internet. Operations concerning travel and documents concerned with this are now easily assessable with just a click of a button.

    The experience of the process is something that anyone can do as long as they have a basic level of reading and comprehension.

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