The most overlooked sight in Cambodia

The most overlooked sight in Cambodia

Pack your bags – we’re leaving. This time we are going to Cambodia. We’ll forget about our 9-6 job and we’ll go and visit one of the most Overlooked Sight in Cambodia – Angkor Wat. Seen by many people as one of the most beautiful places that you could visit in your lifetime, Angkor Wat is part of the Unesco world heritage and it has a lot to offer – from spectacular landscapes and incredible architecture to unforgettable vibe and undeniable spirituality.

What makes Angkor Wat the most overlooked Sight in Cambodia is the fact that it is a must see when it comes to touristic sights and if you were to choose only one thing to see, Angkor Wat would be your first choice.

If you are wondering why I chose Angkor Wat for our Cambodian trip, here is why Legendary Yes, this temple is legendary not only because it is part of Unesco World heritage but also because it is the largest religious monument in the whole world – from Mecca to Jerusalem, from Europe to Latin America you will never find such a big temple rendered to divinity.

Etymologically, Angkor Wat means the `City Temple` – translated from Khmer which is the official language in Cambodia. It was built as a Hindu center but now is considered a Buddhist center – now we can enjoy and discover the specific architecture with its interesting paintings and carved reliefs.


We will use dollars so we won’t have to lose time at money exchange offices. The food around the temple is quite cheap – one meal can cost us up to $3 and we can also try their natural juices ($1,5).


The temple was built in more than 30 years and there were involved in the architectural project around 300.000 people from architects to workers and sculptors. The temple was built only out of stone.

Its construction makes us remember the form of a mandala – its central axis is very important and everything is built around this central axis; on top of that, we must recall that mandala is, in general, the symbol of the harmony with the universe.


The temple is located between mountains and the sun colors the water in such a way that we feel like you are in a dream far away from reality. The colors that you see, the vibe that you feel, the people that you meet and the stories that you hear will convince you that Angkor Wat is for a good reason, the most overlooked sight in Cambodia.

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